Our Platforms

Our Platforms

Under our Digital Content Services, we aggregate and distribute a wide array of digital content through our four platforms, Daily TV, Minime, JukeNow and WinBig.

DailyTV is a platform
for video streaming

Our first platform, DailyTV, was launched in 2012 and has been operational in Malaysia since then and in Indonesia since 2015.

DailyTV was developed by our Founder & CEO together with our Group’s technical developing team, utilising open-source and licenced software.

The platform was created to be intuitive, convenient and interactive, to deliver a compelling entertainment experience to subscribers.

Our top ten channels in no particular order under our Daily TV Platform that generated the highest aggregated revenue for our Group during three years ended 31 December 2017:

Video channel covering everything about Korean and Japanese lifestyles, such as fashion, concerts, celebrities, food, hangout spots, anime etc.

Featuring videos showcasing fashion shows and modelling photoshoot.

Featuring the latest fashion shows and modeling photoshoot videos.

Featuring hidden camera prank videos and other comedy videos.

Featuring videos the latest news and gossip on Asian and international celebrities.

Provides music karaoke of famous artist from local, Indonesia and more.

Featuring the latest videos on cars, sport, newest gadgets and hot fitness tips.

Latest and hottest in English entertainment videos covering talk shows, sports highlights, the breaking news and much more.

Featuring updated local and Indonesian news, sports and entertainment videos.

Sharing the latest hit and popular songs from local and Indonesia.

Minime is a platform for social
community chat services

Our second platform, Minime, is focused on social chat messaging services, virtual gift services and video logs of celebrities, which was launched in March 2014.

The features of our Minime platform include, instant messaging system that enables subscribers to interact and socialise with celebrities and other subscribers in real-time through chat rooms, access to interactive user-generated-content ("UGC"), uploading and editing UGC, and sharing of digital video content. Subscribers can interact with celebrities and other subscribers through our chat features, such as sending and receiving stickers and virtual gifts. Our stickers and virtual gifts are on a pay-per-use basis that are paid by the subscriber in the same manner as subscription fees for a channel on our platforms. With this, our platforms empower subscribers to share knowledge to a large viewer base and generate content for public exposure. In return, other viewers can keep abreast of current affairs and the latest trends, engage and interact with hosts and other subscribers and other viewers for a personalised social community experience.

Our social chat messaging service is provided through our Minime platform whereby subscribers are able to interact with other subscribers and the celebrities featured on the platform by chatting with them. Subscribers are also able to watch videos posted by the celebrities, comment on such videos and share photos with other subscribers.

Minime was developed by our Founder & CEO, COO and our Group’s technical development team.

Jukenow is a dedicated music
platform for music and karaoke,
video streaming

Our platform Jukenow exclusively features music and karaoke videos and was launched in January 2018.

Jukenow was developed by our Founder & CEO, COO and our Group’s technical development team.

WinBig is a platform for quizzes

Our platform through which subscribers can participate in quizzes covering various topics and stand the chance to win prizes.

The Group’s web-based platforms allow it to be scaled up in line with its growth from time to time, and utilise the benefits of cloud computing in order to achieve this.

One of the key features of our platforms is that they can be used on a wide variety of internet-enabled mobile devices and also via web browsers.

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